Romance, Hide! or Where to Bury the Body?

I can’t help it, when I think of a place, or an activity, my brain acts like a squirrel facing down a speeding semi on a two-lane highway – bouncing around from romance to where the heck can I hide?  Or, is that a good place to bury a body?



That’s a writer’s brain for you! We’re always conjuring scenarios in our heads. Show me a sandy beach, and I picture walking hand in hand and stealing kisses, or diving into the water and swimming for my life so that guy with a knife giving chase can’t get his hands – or that blade – on me. Hope to hell he can’t swim!

couple kissing beach swimming in ocean





Maybe on a hike through the trees near Mr. Hood, I hear rustling in the bushes. Two lovers making out, or am I prey being stalked by four- or two-legged predators ready to pounce?! Do I run? Climb a tree? Where’s a hollow log to crawl into when you need one?

Dark.Forest forest with girl





Anything and everything is a weapon to me. I was prowling a second-hand store recently and saw a hand-crafted pick. Couldn’t resist grabbing it as a prop for one of the weapons in my paranormal romance. Let the coroner have a field day trying to determine what gouged a hole in the corpse he’s examining.

handmade pick

I think having been raised by a WWII veteran who was, by turns, a flight engineer, MP and physics instructor in the Navy in the forties and fifties – not to mention he was the guy who set up all the Sikorsky training facilities for the Navy – has aided and abetted my writer brain. My earliest memory of his lessons on situational awareness and self-defense goes back to when I was five. I bet the lessons started when I was in the cradle!

 Karate Kick




So, you readers, writers and folk who don’t do either, what’s going through your mind when you’re driving, hiking, swimming, jogging – or kissing? Come on, share! This writer wants to know!

~ Gemma

Check out some of the interesting books below on some of the subjects above…



Originally published under my other writer alter-ego, Fiola Faelan, and updated for this post.

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