Labor Day Tribute

A Labor Day tribute to those who came before us and forged the way, through sheer determination, painful injury, and even death, to ensure future generations would not have many of the struggles and horrid conditions they themselves endured.

That’s not to say we’re done and the labor climate is even close to perfect. There are courageous people out there still fighting for equality, justice, fair pay, and more equitable and safe work environments.

I salute you all.

My great-grandmother working on a sharecropper farm….

GGma Annie Deason on the share-crop farm

Picketing for better conditions….


Labor Day Postage


Lobbying for an eight-hour workday



american workforce


Labor day parade

Grá, Teaghlach, Sonas,


Note: Originally published in 2016 by my alter-ego, Fiola Faelan

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