Rock ‘N Roll, Baby!

You never know when you’re going to run into your next adventure. Could be a trip to the store or to Santander, Spain.

As a writer, I’m always on the lookout for an adventure, even while shopping and flirting with a fireman over frittatas at Freddies!

Now that would be an adventure I’d like to embrace. Ahem, as well as the fireman. Pardon me while I digress and maybe fantasize a bit. Hmmmmm. Okay, I’m back!

Might something like that make it into one of my books? You bet!

I think it’s time I took some of the adventures below, that I’ve by turn loved, lived and survived, and use in a few books, yes?

I landed in the Memphis City Jail, as a child living in Tennessee. Okay, it was pretend, and my dad and sis were by my side, but still!

I’ve been presented that huge cardboard Publishers Clearing House check – and the little paper one I cashed – which funded my move to Or-ee-gon in ’96 (look a bit younger, eh?). Packed up my son and a twenty-six foot U-Haul and headed for a new adventure! Hey, at least the brakes on the U-Haul went out just as we crested the mountain pass when in Oregon, not on the way down. Now, THAT was an experience! Pre-cell phones, too.


Barrel raced my Appy in gymkhanas and rodeos.


Enjoyed living within blocks of Waikiki Beach in my 20’s – didn’t enjoy Hurricane Iwa. She was a big blowhard!

Rocked & rolled in San Jose during the 1989 6.9 earthquake and was horrified by the damage and death-toll.


And in my late 30’s, I was thrown face-down to the ground amidst vines of grapes by a rowdy horse that danced his hooves on my calf and twice on my butt – do you supposed he meant to stomp the grapes? Good thing I had (okay, and have) a substantial rear and strong, muscular calves! Weight-lifting paid off!

Note to self – identify all loud bug-zappers before riding bareback. Didn’t stop me from girl’s night at the Saddle Rack the next night (didn’t dance, darn it) and yup, I got back in the saddle!

scared-horse vineyard







This is just a smattering of the myriad adventures that have graced my life. What about you? Share some of your experiences. Check back occasionally to enjoy new hijinks. I’ll update as I encounter that next hunky fireman, or that next big surprise!

Rock n’ Roll, ya’ll!


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