Gemma’s Story

Gemma has always been a connoisseur of muscular men and romance. She remembers the time as a teen she spied at a rodeo tight wrangler butts and broad shoulders that couldn’t be beat. Biceps to drool over and flirty, glittering eyes. She was over the moon!

As she grew older, she realized cowboys didn’t have the market on muscles, glittery eyes or drool-worthy biceps. She realized those aforementioned muscles could be found weight-lifting at a gym, striding through an office, hauling tools around a construction site, humping packs in the military, or passing her on the street as an alpha cop or fireman.

As a writer, Gemma loves to conjure up these memories, add some spice and kink, and put it to paper where she brings “Romancing the Alpha” alive. Between the pages she’ll pit strong women and equally strong men against each other until they fall head-over-boot-heels – or barbells – and maybe handcuffs – in love.

Not content with just one persona, you’ll also find books under the nom de plume Fiola Faelan. Going forward, Fiola will write paranormal romance, and Gemma contemporary.

You’ll find her out and around the beautiful Portland Metro area in the fine state of Oregon, ogling those aforementioned muscly-men, or in her office putting pen to paper about romancing these uber-alpha guys, and convincing Nudge the cat to scoot off her laptop.

Stop by again, drop her a line!

~ Gemma