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Hey all you voracious romance readers! Looking for some sexy book-boyfriends to ring in the new year? I tripped across several amazing authors you’ll want to check out!. Enjoy! I know I did when I read them.

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Where Has All the Flirting Gone?

Sounds like that old song, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly does seem a long time passing, let me tell you. Is it my imagination, or does everyone have their eyes trained on their mobile devices?

Check it out the next time you’re in the elevator. Does anyone actually make eye contact anymore? What the heck happened to the art of flirtation? I remember (a long time ago in a land far, far away), flirty looks shot from girls to guys, girls to girls, guys to guys. Smoldering looks from guys to girls.


Now you’re lucky if people even know you’re in the elevator with them. And it’s not only elevators, folks. People walking down the street are reading, texting, or looking at videos on their phones. No chance of a flirty or smoldering look, no sirree Bob. Or Enrique. Or Angela.


Aside from the fact that people just don’t seem to pay attention to each other anymore, think of how dangerous it is to not pay attention to your surroundings? Muggings and worse, waiting to happen. Poised to happen. WILL happen!

It’s not only flirting that’s going by the wayside, either. Have you noticed people walking their dogs while talking on, or looking at, their phone? Pushing their baby in a stroller? On the phone. I saw a couple walking with their 10ish year old a few mornings ago. The dad and son were walking side by side, talking. The mom? About five feet behind texting on her phone.

I know that some of these interactions I see aren’t necessarily indicative of what that person does every time they are out and about. I know I sometimes stop and read a text, or text someone. Maybe there’s an emergency, you got something going on. Ohhhhh, maybe you’re arranging a date! I digress. I do think that this is becoming the norm, though, since I can’t remember the last time I saw someone walking their dog or child when they weren’t on the phone.


I’m here to tell you, I miss flirting. I miss catching someone’s eyes and being able to tell, from the heat, or twinkle – or smolder – that he finds me attractive. That, just maybe, a connection could be made. I think people are missing out. They’re relying on their internet or mobile devices to flirt with people, when doing it in person is so much more fun. I miss those interactions with other people, even if it isn’t flirting. That smile, the comment on the weather. Or the current ball game being played.


I challenge you to ignore your mobile device when you’re out and about. If you’re single, I challenge you to toss a flirty look at someone you’re attracted to. I challenge moms and dads to leave their phones in their pockets and actually interact with their child in the stroller, or their dog on the leash. And I challenge people who are already paired – when you’re on a date, at dinner, a movie – wherever. Don’t be texting people when you could be reveling in the attention of the person you’re with. This single girl would love to have a bit of that attention!

Let the flirting commence!!

Romance, Hide! or Where to Bury the Body?

I can’t help it, when I think of a place, or an activity, my brain acts like a squirrel facing down a speeding semi on a two-lane highway – bouncing around from romance to where the heck can I hide?  Or, is that a good place to bury a body?



That’s a writer’s brain for you! We’re always conjuring scenarios in our heads. Show me a sandy beach, and I picture walking hand in hand and stealing kisses, or diving into the water and swimming for my life so that guy with a knife giving chase can’t get his hands – or that blade – on me. Hope to hell he can’t swim!

couple kissing beach swimming in ocean





Maybe on a hike through the trees near Mr. Hood, I hear rustling in the bushes. Two lovers making out, or am I prey being stalked by four- or two-legged predators ready to pounce?! Do I run? Climb a tree? Where’s a hollow log to crawl into when you need one?

Dark.Forest forest with girl





Anything and everything is a weapon to me. I was prowling a second-hand store recently and saw a hand-crafted pick. Couldn’t resist grabbing it as a prop for one of the weapons in my paranormal romance. Let the coroner have a field day trying to determine what gouged a hole in the corpse he’s examining.

handmade pick

I think having been raised by a WWII veteran who was, by turns, a flight engineer, MP and physics instructor in the Navy in the forties and fifties – not to mention he was the guy who set up all the Sikorsky training facilities for the Navy – has aided and abetted my writer brain. My earliest memory of his lessons on situational awareness and self-defense goes back to when I was five. I bet the lessons started when I was in the cradle!

 Karate Kick




So, you readers, writers and folk who don’t do either, what’s going through your mind when you’re driving, hiking, swimming, jogging – or kissing? Come on, share! This writer wants to know!

~ Gemma

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Originally published under my other writer alter-ego, Fiola Faelan, and updated for this post.